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Whatever your product or service and whoever you need to sell it to, I'll create powerful and affordable copywriting that does the job.

Copywriter needed?

Looking for an experienced copywriter? A freelance copywriter you can trust to produce powerful copywriting that gets results? A content writer who knows how to use exactly the right mix of strategy, tactics and words to generate sales, encourage repeat business and build brand loyalty? Welcome to Leeds-based Creative Copy Copywriting Services: powerful freelance writing that does the job - on time, to brief and to budget.

An experienced content writer

With Creative Copy Copywriting Services you get a copywriter with over 27 years' experience. A freelance copywriter who has worked with top direct marketing and advertising agencies at senior level. A Yorkshire-based copywriter who has produced copywriting for brands like BT, Bass, British Gas, Halfords, Parcelforce, Portakabin, the NHS and many more - plus a vast range of small and medium businesses.

Why use me?

Over the last 27 years I've worked with advertising agencies on dozens of top-name brands as well as building my own loyal client base of SMEs, not just from Yorkshire but from across the UK. Most businesses hire me as a website content writer or for SEO copywriting, but I also write brochures, sales letters, newsletters, press releases - and more.

"The moment I began talking to Beverley, I knew I'd found the right person." Cllr Neil Allsopp, Saddleworth Parish Council, West Yorkshire

Leeds-based copywriter

As a Yorkshire-based copywriter, I provide copywriting services for businesses across the UK, Ireland and Europe as well as Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the United States. So whether you're looking for freelance copywriters in Leeds, Yorkshire-based copywriters or an English-speaking copywriter in Europe, my copywriting will get the results you want.

Copywriting services

When you talk to Leeds-based Creative Copy Copywriting Services about your next business writing project, you'll be speaking to a copywriter with unparalleled expertise across virtually every market sector. A copywriter experienced across all types of copywriting services: website copywriting, SEO copywriting, business writing, content writing... and more.

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Powerful copywriting gets noticed. Powerful copywriting generates orders. Powerful content writing pays for itself over and over again in terms of new and repeat business. This is what you get when you trust your next copywriting project to Creative Copy Copywriting Services. Got a project in the pipeline? Need a UK copywriter who will translate it into extra sales? Let's talk.

"Bev has worked with us on a multitude of copywriting projects over the years, nailing the brief every time. Not only have we been delighted with her service and turn around times, the results and response rates have gone through the roof." Paul McMahon, Sizzle Creative, Bolton

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Copywriting for Source Four Design

Case study: Source Four Design

Writing websites, brochures, sales letters, press releases, posters & advertisements

Source Four Design is a long-established design studio based in Grimsby, Lincolnshire. I've been working with them as their primary freelance copywriter for nearly 15 years copywriting for a broad range of projects across a wide variety of sectors from education and consumer to high-end office furniture and even celebrity websites.

"I have worked with Bev for numerous years and her work has always been first class. I would go as far as to say that Bev's copywriting has been an integral part of our success story." Luke Dejahang, CEO & Co-Founder, Crown Pavilions, Oxfordshire

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21st April 2017

copywriting portfolio

Copywriting portfolio: just where do I start with this little lot?

Today I tipped out my copywriter portfolio bag onto the floor and these are just the projects that landed on top of the massive pile – AND all of this stuff is from the first ten years of my copywriting career. Most of it is from the first five years. I’ve been copywriting for 27 years in total so if I were to show my entire portfolio on my new website it would take forever and a day. So just where do I start?... More >>

18th April 2017

"There was a time when British copywriting was considered the best in the world. Is that still the case?" says the DMA (Direct Marketing Association) with regards to this video of a group of admen and women discussing the state of UK copywriting today. Basically, modern advertising is BORING. And long gone are the days of the funny, memorable, famous TV ads and posters that everyone remembers: Hamlet cigars, Heineken, Cinzano, etc. I started out in advertising working in the same building as two of these advertising 'greats': John Salmon and Tony Brignull (at the famous CDP, 110 Euston Road, London, home of some of the best copywriters ever to set pencil to paper). I have also won awards for my copywriting from the DMA... More >>

23 March 2017

When your bells-and-whistles website goes wrong

A few months ago I blogged about the newish trend in all-singing-all-dancing websites with massive images and text that swim into view from the top, left, right and bottom and then back out again. These websites can be very hard to navigate your way through and the visual gymnastics can leave you feeling quite poorly. Then there are the occasions when it all goes wrong. Like today when... More >>

11 January 2014

ARCHIVE BLOG POST OF THE WEEK: Pick your sales people carefully

Yesterday I was accosted in Tesco’s by a salesman demanding: "Do you wear makeup?" Well, durr, it’s blooming obvious I do, at my age. What he meant was “Can I sell you some makeup?" "Is it free?" I asked before he could say anything else. He dodged the question, brandishing a makeup brush loaded with shiny powder which he dabbed onto my hand, insisting that it would highlight my cheekbones and make me look several years younger and healthier. "But is it free?" I repeated. Again, he dodged the question... More >>

16 March 2017

I love website coding so much I could marry it

Yesterday around 7pm I had that 'Eureka!' moment when all the website coding I’d been tinkering around with for my new website 'just worked'. I have learned how to do the coolest mouse roll-over effect ever and, just as important, I know why it does what it does and how to customised it for other uses. My new website is going to take some time to put together. That’s because I want it to look... More >>

10 January 2014

ARCHIVE BLOG POST OF THE WEEK: Sorry, but I haven’t a clue what you’re on about

I won’t put a link to the website here because that wouldn't be fair. But the other day I came across a UK business website with 200 or so words of text on its home page which said... NOTHING! And part of this ‘nothing’ comprised an awful lot of ‘corporate speak’: impressive-sounding words and phrases that, again, said... NOTHING. Phrases like 'innovative solutions', 'thinking outside the box', 'driving value', 'creative solutions', 'stand alone business', 'vision'... More >>

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