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Copywriting rates

My copywriting charges aren't just competitive and transparent, they also include everything: telephone or email briefing, copywriting, revisions (if required), free marketing advice - and there's no minimum charge. So if you only need half an hour's copywriting then that's all you pay for.

Copywriter rates 2017

Like anything you want your investment to pay for itself, especially if your budget is limited and every penny counts. Also, in a climate where competition is more intense than ever, it's vital that your copywriting works first time round without any need for costly rewrites. Or, worse, having to hire a second copywriter to put things right.

Copywriting that pays for itself in terms of business growth

My copywriting 'does what it says on the tin' - it works. It builds small businesses into big ones. And the proof of the pudding is that many of my original clients still use my copywriting services today. Some go back as far as 2003.

Importantly, many are far bigger than they were when we first began working together. Whereas back then I'd work with the founder, I now work with their marketing people as they've expanded and taken on more staff. And they'd be the first to say that hiring me as their regular copywriter has been money well spent!

What businesses say about my copywriting rates...

"From your credentials you sound expensive - but you've actually come in at around half what I'd budgeted for. I'm pleasantly surprised, in fact I'm delighted!!"

"At that price, I can't go wrong, can I?"

"Thanks again for getting back to me with the estimated quote, your copywriting charges seem very competitive."

"We were looking for a copywriter to create an interesting and informative newsletter for our new website. The moment I began talking to Beverley, I knew I'd found the right person. Every month, from very basic information, she provides us with a great newsletter, written in a way which is really engaging and a 'great read'. Bev, you are fully deserving of this endorsement." Cllr Neil Allsopp, Saddleworth Parish Council

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Stronger words for your £ or €

I charge by the hour or by the project. Also, with 27 years' experience as a copywriter I tend to write quickly, so you get more words for your money!

How do my copywriting rates compare?

The professional copywriters' network suggests that most freelance copywriters charge copywriting rates of between £30 and £100 per hour, "according to the experience of the writer". Copywriters may also charge by the day, by the project or by the word. As a guide, my hourly copywriting rate is a very competitive £55 - £65 (depending on the project) which offers outstanding value when you think about all those extra sales!

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