Need a copywriter in Bradford?

Bev Osborne is a copywriter who covers the whole of Bradford

Leeds-based freelance copywriter

I'm Bev Osborne, an experienced freelance copywriter based on the outskirts of Leeds within half an hour's drive of Bradford. Over the past 27 years I've worked for some of Bradford's top advertising and direct marketing agencies including the famous Judith Donovan Associates in Thornton and RP&F in Newhall. I was also the senior copywriter at Charles Walls Advertising, just outside Bradford in Calverley.

I've also worked for a number of Bradford-based companies, many of them household names such as the Bradford & Bingley Building Society, Damart (Bingley), Bradford-based Wendy Wools and several Bradford mail-order catalogue companies (for example Bradford-based Empire Stores).

Bradford: a city with a strong history of direct marketing

Looking to generate extra sales? Then I'm your copywriter. I learned my trade in the heartland of direct marketing in Bradford. In fact I'd go as far as to say that direct marketing is in my blood.

Direct marketing has always been about communicating direct with the customer and getting measurable results. In the 'old days' this would usually take the form of sales letters, mailing packs (direct mail), catalogues and coupon press advertisements. Today, direct marketing is all about websites, email and social media. In 27 years as a direct marketing copywriter, I've covered most direct marketing media.

If you're looking for a Bradford copywriter skilled in direct marketing, why not contact me for a competitive quote? Or call me on 0113 266 5785.

Bradford is in my blood. Literally.

Bradford is right next to my home city of Leeds, but my relationship with Bradford is more than skin-deep. My family comes from Bradford (Bowling and Undercliffe) - my great grandfather was one of Bradford's major house builders responsible for much of Bradford's terrace housing. I even sent my son to school in Bradford (Apperley Bridge between Greengates and Rawdon). I also put my advertising and copywriting skills to good use for several years as Deputy Chair of the school PTA in Bradford!

Got a copywriting project in the pipeline? Need a Bradford copywriter who can translate it into extra sales? Let's talk.