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Could your existing copywriting work harder?

Freelance copywriter based in Leeds, Yorkshire, UK

Powerful copywriting is an essential part of the marketing mix. Get it wrong and it could cost you £thousands in lost business. Yet it's surprising just how many businesses skimp on the copywriting or write it themselves. If you're worried about your current copywriting or you feel that it could work harder, my free ten-minute copywriting appraisal could make all the difference to your sales.

How the free content evaluation works

I'll go through your website content, brochure text, sales letter or other copywriting project, point out its strengths and weaknesses and tell you how I believe it could work harder.

It may be that you simply need to tweak a thing or two, or re-order your paragraphs. Or you might need a total re-write. Whatever it needs, you can trust me to be completely honest. And there's never, ever any pressure to use my services. But if you'd like me to give you a quote, I'd be delighted to do so.

Get a professional copywriter's opinion

Is your copywriting working as hard as it should be? Why not ask for my opinion - free? Simply email your copywriting to me at Creative Copy Copywriting Services or send me a link and I'll get back to you with an honest and unbiased opinion. This ten-minute copywriting evaluation service service is free and there's no obligation to go ahead and use my copywriting services. (But of course you can if you wish!)

"If your current copywriting content isn't generating sales then there's probably a good reason. Why not send it to me for my opinion and advice - free?"

"Bev's work has always been completed on time and to a high standard. We highly recommend her to anyone requiring a professional web copywriter for their website content." Jade Winters, Head of Marketing, DMC Software, Peterborough