30 years of copywriting experience

Choosing the right copywriter is important. With a specialist sales writer behind your brand, your budgets work harder and your business grows. So why not trust your next copywriting project to a content writer with experience?

30 years as a copywriter

30 years as a UK copywriter

My copywriting career began in the late 1980s working with one of the most successful advertising agencies in the North of England, based in Leeds. I went on to work as a specialist direct marketing copywriter for the biggest independent advertising agency outside London followed by a long session as the in-house freelance copywriter for one of the UK's most prominent and respected direct marketing agencies, based in Bradford.

Building small brands into big ones

On top of this I've freelanced for other top UK direct marketing agencies and, more recently as a freelance copywriter, I've worked direct with my own growing client base of smaller UK businesses and SMEs. Today I have a substantial base of clients ranging from small design studios and advertising agencies to a broad spectrum of businesses, many of whom have been with me for years.

I also work for a wide range of smaller businesses

Helping to build small businesses into big ones is just one of the many reasons why I love working with smaller businesses and SMEs. Why not let me be part of your future business growth?

Delighted clients

A good ninety-per-cent of my business is repeat-business, and many of my SME clients have been with me for several years.

Great-value copywriting

I get it right first time, so you don't have to pay for re-writes. On top of this, my copywriting works, so it pays for itself in terms of business growth.

Copywriter fees

I charge by the hour or project, whichever suits you. I also tend to write quickly, which means you get more hard-working content for your money.

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