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Below you'll find answers to some of the questions I get asked as a copywriter.

People often contact me with copywriting they've written themselves. And the reason they've got in touch is because the copywriting isn't working - or at least not as hard as it should be.

It's a bit like doing your own decorating. It's never going to be as impressive as if you call in the professionals. And then there's the cost to factor in. How long did it take you to write? How much is that worth in terms of your hourly rate? What about all that potential business you've missed out on by having a sales letter or website that isn't generating sales?

I offer a FREE ten minute evaluation as part of my copywriting services. Just send me your existing copywriting and I'll have a read through and get back to you with my thoughts - plus a quote to put things right.

It's free and there's no obligation to go ahead. So it's got to be worth it!

A copywriter (sometimes termed 'copy writer' or 'content writer') is a writer of copy i.e. words - not to be confused with a 'copyrighter' or 'copyright' which are not the same thing.

A professional copywriter has an advertising, sales, marketing or direct marketing background, usually within an in-house creative department.

Copywriters write advertisements, websites, sales letters, press releases, newsletters and so on. It's a copywriter's job to persuade people to part with their hard-earned cash and buy products and services. So, in effect, a copywriter is a salesman or woman 'on paper'. Or, more likely these days, on the Net.

Experienced copywriters use specific writing techniques to engage with an audience and motivate people to act. Also, a good, effective copywriter will usually have the benefit of years of experience of generating leads and sales. In other words, skilled copywriters know what works and what doesn't, just like a skilled sales person.

The truth is that the ability to write powerful sales-driven copywriting demands literally years of experience and training. So please be sure to check a copywriter's credentials. Yes, you might get your copywriting a few pounds cheaper by going for a brand-new, inexperienced copywriter, but at the end of the day is it worth it?

Many copywriters are candid about their copywriting fees, charges or rates but, as a rule of thumb, the more experienced the copywriter, the higher the rates.

Personally, even with 30 years experience, I tend to keep my copywriter rates relatively low, basically because I believe in delivering value for money. I also enjoy working for smaller businesses which can have limited budgets, so that's another reason why I keep my copywriter fees down.

As a full-service copywriter, I offer a broad range of professional copywriting services. Please visit my copywriting services page to find out more.

Simply contact me using my contact form or call me on 0113 266 5785 to give me a brief outline of your requirements. I'll put together a quote for you which I'll send to you by email, usually the same day. I can quote by the hour or by the project, whichever you prefer. Alternatively I can sometimes provide a ball-park figure over the phone to give you an idea of how much your project will cost.

If you're happy with my quote, I'll need to find out more about your background, your sales message and your customer base. With over 30 years as a professional copywriter, the chances are that I already have experience of your market sector, speeding up the learning curve and saving you money.

Next, I'll put together some draft text for you to approve or make changes. Finally, I'll email you the finished version.

What are my turn-around times? It depends on how busy my diary is, but I can usually turn around work in a matter or days, sometimes even the same day for quick projects. Or, for longer projects, I can book a slot into my diary. Whichever way, you can depend on me to be efficient and fast, and for my copywriting to be first-rate.

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