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What my clients say

On this page you'll find just some of the dozens of testimonials I've received as a copywriter, all of them genuine. Please click on the arrows to scroll through the comments.

Thank you for all your hard work

"We would like to thank you for all you have done over the last couple of weeks, the website looks and reads great. Many thanks once again, we will be sure to pass on recommendation of your work where possible in the future. Our only regret is that we didn't get in touch with you sooner!"

Susan Sanders, MD, QHSE Integrity Services Ltd, Drighlington, West Yorkshire

A dream to work with

"We contacted Bev of Creative Copy Copywriting to help us out with the content on our new web site. We have used several copywriters over the years, but I have never come across a copywriter like Bev... She is highly professional, very quick, competitive and a dream to work with. I wouldn't hesitate in recommending her to anyone."

Luke Whiteside, Avium Grounds Maintenance, Wiltshire

Very impressed

"Thank you very much for everything you've done for us so far. We've been very impressed, both with the speed and with the work. If we've any clients looking for copywriting in the future we'll certainly send them to you."

Kerry & Ray, The Fresh Bananas Bunch, Devizes, Wiltshire

Outstanding work

"I have worked with Bev for numerous years [since 2008] and her work has always been first class. I would go as far as to say that Bev's copywriting has been an integral part of our success story! You're fantastic and may we continue working together for many more years. Thank you for the outstanding work Bev!"

Luke Dejahang, CEO, Co-Founder, Crown Pavilions, Oxfordshire

By far the best we've seen

"Thank you very much for what you've done so far, it [the emailer / e-shot] has exactly the right tone. It really is very good and we are very pleased. We've actually had several other writers who have written things for us but yours is by far the best we've seen."

Kerry & Ray Field, The Fresh Bananas Bunch, Devizes, Wiltshire

Copywriter 15 years

"You've been our regular freelance copywriter for nearly 15 years working on a wide range of projects from websites and sales letters to press releases and brochures. You know we love what you do which is why we've even featured you on our website as our regular copywriter."

Robert Pritchard, MD, SourceFour Design, Grimsby

Great response rates

"Bev has worked with ourselves on a multitude of projects over the years, nailing the brief every time. Not only have we been delighted with her service and turn around times, the results and response rates have gone through the roof."

Paul McMahon, Creative Director, Sizzle Creative, Bolton, Lancashire

Compelling & easy to read

"We're based in The Netherlands and Bev has helped us re-write our brochure and newsletter translations - providing 'Anglicised' text that's compelling, easy to read and which conveys the right messages to our customers in the dental sector. Thank you Bev, and we are looking forward working together again in the future."

Eileen Tan, Kuraray Noritake, Margadantstraat, The Netherlands

Excited about using this

"I LOVE YOUR WRITING STYLE BEV. YOU REALLY ARE A PRO! I think your style of writing is fantastic and I will be using you regularly from now on. Excited about using this new copy on my updated website. I am sure it will have a positive psychological effect on people reading it."

Luke Dejahang, CEO " Co-Founder, Crown Pavilions, Oxfordshire

Fully deserving

"We were looking for a copywriter to create an interesting and informative newsletter for our new website. The moment I began talking to Beverley, I knew I'd found the right person. Every month, from very basic information, she provides us with a great newsletter, written in a way which is really engaging and a 'great read'. Bev, you are fully deserving of this endorsement."

Cllr Neil Allsopp, Chairman, Communications Committee, Saddleworth Parish Council, West Yorkshire

Effective, engaging & cost-effective

"Bev Osborne is a highly experienced copywriter who writes effective, engaging copy. She is also cost-effective and always meets what can be demanding deadlines."

Adrian Leary, Marketing Manager, Revival Beds, Retford, Nottinghamshire

Professional & trustworthy

"Bev has been our go-to person for conducting and writing cases studies since 2004. She is a professional copywriter we can completely trust to represent our company when interviewing our clients. Her work has always been completed on time and to a high standard. We highly recommend Bev to anyone requiring a professional web copywriter for their website content."

Jade Winters, Head of Marketing, DMC Software, Peterborough

Just what the doctor ordered

"Both documents look great, read well and have saved me hours and hours of anxious toil over the keyboard. It is an interesting feeling of relief having put the task in the hands of a professional and getting back just what the doctor ordered. The amount of times we see customers trying to save a bob or two by doing their own copywriting. They may save themselves 50 or 60 quid but the result ends up like a real dog's dinner - and it must do more to put people off than anything else. Many thanks once again for your super speedy help, patience and guidance."

Everytime I talk to you I make money

"We sent out a stack of sales letters last week and within 48 hours we'd already had 8 people on the phone - and that's even before our sales people started following up with calls. I know that every time I talk to you, Bev, I'm going to make money which is great!"

I'm so glad I got a professional involved

"I just thought I'd call you to say how very, very pleased I am with the website copy. You've managed to get across everything I was waffling on about at our meeting and convey a real feeling for what our company is about. It's almost spot on and only really needs the odd tweak. I'm so glad I got a professional involved in this; I couldn't have written any of that. I think the copy is brilliant!"

Sharper and to the point

"Many thanks for your trimmed down rework of my copy. It is much sharper and to the point and you've managed to give the piece the edge I was looking for. I am more than happy with this as it is so I guess it is job done and thank you for helping out so quickly."

Over the moon with the results

"I can't thank you enough for your help, over the moon with the results... you and your designer's work has lifted this [sales letter, give-away and website combination] to a new level... I will speak to you soon, thanks again."

Absolutely brilliant

"That it is absolutely brilliant!! Really love it. It includes just about everything good that we offer and what and who we are! Very impressed!"

That's how things should be written

"Thanks Bev - that reads really well. I've just passed it to my colleague who's smiling and saying 'That's how things should be written'."" followed by: "[Name] liked your letter so much, he has asked if you could do another one!"

Excellent work again

"Someone called me and said 'It's the best sales copy I've ever seen. I just felt compelled to buy the product!' Excellent work again."

Really pleased with the response

"Just thought I'd let you know we sent out 400 sales letters on Friday and have already signed up some new clients as a result. Others are keen to talk to us - great, really pleased with the response so far!"

Just what we wanted

"Can I just say how great it is to have someone who can make words flow! I guess it comes with 20 years of practice! What you have done for us is just what we wanted. I love the second page just as much as the first page. You have got it absolutely right."

We are achieving a 3 in 1 conversion

"The copy you wrote for us is working well... we are achieving a 3 in 1 conversion that we haven't had for months now. Many thanks again - I will certainly recommend your services to others, and hopefully get the opportunity to use them again myself."

The letter has done its job

"The letter that you put together is fantastic! I have indeed contacted many of the top retailers and the response has been very positive! The letter has done its job, because they have been asking for samples now."

Half what I'd budgeted for

"From your credentials you sound expensive - but you've actually come in at around half what I'd budgeted for. I'm pleasantly surprised, in fact I'm delighted!!"

Really excellent

"I love the sales letter, really excellent. It is rare I get anything from anyone that doesn't need a major overhaul, so this was a welcome surprise. As soon as I read the heading I was engaged and it's my own event!"

Excellent job

"As always.... Amazingly quick turnaround and brilliantly written. I've shown the sales letter to everyone here, we all loved it. Knew what we wanted to say, but just needed someone to put it into the right words which you have done admirably. Excellent job, you certainly know what you're doing!"

Making a big impact

"The enquiries are coming in thick and fast - over 50 yesterday and Master franchises are also coming in. I'm confident the sales letter is making a big impact... The response we're getting is a significant improvement on what we'd been doing in the past..."

Very clever stuff

"Thank you, I'm really happy with what you have written. It leads you into the site, very clever stuff. Don't change a word. I'm very pleased - nay over the moon. Keep writing!"

Sharp and insightful

"Now, it is a fab sales letter - you are the best... It really is a great letter. It's sharp and insightful as well as being easy and enjoyable to read. After reading it, I wanted to hire a cleaner from my own company!"

Delighted with the response

"I am delighted with the levels of response we have been getting from the emailer you wrote for us. I have worked with other copywriters in the past and all have been fairly staid in their approach and have not been very creative, writing in 'safe' plain English. What I find with you is that 'pixie dust' that holds you apart from other copywriters. The ideas you have put forward are in tune with what we are trying to achieve. Furthermore you are adding value to our business and long may it last. Thank you."

Highly professional and timely

"I wanted to thank you for completing our copywriting project in such a short time. Working with you has been a real pleasure. Not only were you highly professional and timely in your approach, you were also inspirational. I would not hesitate to use your services again and recommend you to others."

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